Mobile Point Of Sale(mPOS)

In the past, customers and retailers have experienced a single channel touch point via the brick-and-mortar store. Today, this single channel touch point has evolved into a complex and multi-channel experience — where customers interact via multiple, independent touch points that function through retailers in technical silos, including e-commerce, catalog, and brick-and-mortar. Building off the multi-channel approach, retailers are scrambling to deploy a high-function, high-touch cross-channel approach where customers view multiple touch points across one brand, and retailers have one single view of the customer as they still operate out of technical silos. But the future, and what some are calling the “nirvana” of retail, will be the age of the omni-channel. Omni-channel entails customers enjoying a seamless brand experience independent of channel, as opposed to channels within brands, and retailers use strategic ways that leverage their single view of the customer.

Mobile point of sale (mPOS) is a key enabler of omni-channel functionality. Mobile POS allows the customer to conveniently research options, search for deals and check out without going to a central POS. It also empowers retail associates to assist the customer while he or she is considering a purchase. These aspects of mobile POS demonstrate the retailer’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Mobile POS must be seamlessly integrated for a positive customer experience. This is also important to remain competitive in the market. Retailers that ignore or wait for the mobile POS movement will be left behind as customer demand and market trend drives competitors to move ahead with deployments. Keeping the customer in mind with every decision made as retailers move forward with mobile POS and omni-channel is important. Customer expectations are higher than ever and the current economy demands that retailers listen to the customer.

Our Solution:

Our Mobile Point of Sale solution solves this challenge with a single mobile POS solution that can be deployed in every one of your POS channels, regardless of geography, device type or device operating system. This fast, secure and flexible solution delivers seamless POS functionality between register, mobile computer, self-serve kiosks, and even your shoppers’ smartphones. Built on the Mobile Retail Framework, our Mobile POS solution is easy to configure, so you’re up and running fast. With support for embedded and cloud hosting, Mobile POS easily integrates into your current technology architecture.

How Does the mCLOB POS Work?

Achieve True Isolation & Untether Your Associates. mPOS allow the associate and guest to build the basket on an mPOS tablet or mobile computer, when ready, conclude the transaction and push the basket to the nearby Pay realm on the PayStation. Avail peripheral technologies -a clustered Payment Device or PED, a Cash Drawer and Thermal Receipt Printer -which are linked to the MPOS device using a seamless “pairing” event. Natural hand-off of tender acceptance and processing while establishing PCI Island


  • Faster & easy to use
  • Ease of use – less training & enhance productivity
  • Easy to use – reduce user resistance
  • Fast deployment – get up & running quickly
  • Fast Deployment – no need to change in their existing hardware
  • Fast Deployment – no need to touch their existing database
  • Efficiency – integrate POS, complete stock functionality & full set account, no double entry
  • Reduces the customers shopping time
  • Reduces the long 'Q's at point of sale
  • Increases the sales by reducing shoppers time
  • Save man power & costs – maximize competitive advantage
  • Fully secured product
  • Security control – user access & login to control fraud
  • Advanced & complete functionality – discount, promotion, member’s points & more
  • Ready infrastructure – can support growing store, accommodate fast & heavy transactions
  • No need of dedicated space
  • Can work any kind of environment