mCLOB was founded with the vision of producing innovative and affordable solutions to enable through practical and profitable solution. To retain and build the team mCLOB corporate culture that attracts and retains creative, practical, and energetic employees who are driven to “make it happen".

Why Us?


mCLOB’s mobility solutions and services are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. If your needs increase it’s easy to scale up your cloud capacity, drawing on the service’s remote servers. Likewise, if you need to scale down again, the flexibility is baked into the service. This level of agility can give businesses using cloud computing a real advantage over competitors.

Disaster recovery

Businesses of all sizes should be investing in robust disaster recovery which requires employing in-house resource and expertise. At mCLOB we manage it for you, thus ensuring peace of mind and huge saving on resource cost...

Automatic software updates

The beauty of cloud computing is that the servers are off-premise, out of sight and out of your hair. Partnering with mCLOB will ensure, client servers are managed by us for you and roll out regular software updates – including security updates – so you don’t have to worry about wasting time maintaining the system yourself. Leaving you free to focus on the things that matter, like growing your business.

Capital-expenditure Free

mCLOB’s solutions are Cloud ready and helps you cuts out the high cost of hardware. You simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model that’s kind to your cash flow. Add to that the ease of setup and management and suddenly your scary, hairy IT project looks at lot friendlier.

Increased collaboration

With our solution, your teams can access, edit and share documents anytime, from anywhere, they’re able to do more together, and do it better. Our Cloud-based workflow help in getting updates in real time and gives our clients full visibility of their collaborations.


mCLOB’s Cloud computing gives you greater security and control of your data. Because your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it no matter what happens to your physical machine.

Environmentally friendly

Our Solution are environmental friendly. When your cloud needs fluctuate, your server capacity scales up and down to fit. So you only use the energy you need and you don’t leave oversized carbon footprints. This is something close to our hearts at mCLOB Solution., where we try our best to create sustainable solutions with minimal environmental impact.